Another 30 Day Novel is Finally Finished

Winner WriDaNoJu 2011
I wrote a dadgum novel in June, well, part of one, anyway
Whew! I’m glad that’s over! The compettition, that is. I’ll be working on the novel for a while. And loving it! Below (at the end of this post) is one of my shiny winner’s goodies. My final count before I uploaded the writing for the verified word count was (drumroll, please!): 51,359! Woohoo!

I celebrated with friends (with really tasty pizza), then went home and played with the dawgs, then slept like a baby. And woke up thinking about work I need to do on the novel. Feeleeng liek uh reel wrytur, man! ;)

Peace be with you. Gonna go write some more right now! :)

Writing a novel in June is crazy and so am I

WriDaNoJu: Write a Damn Novel in JuneIt’s that time again. The pavement is sizzling and so is my latest novel. Okay, the pavement is, anyway. But my latest novel (I love the way that sounds!) is off to a sizzling beginning. I’m only 2,471 words into it so a lot remains to be seen. Things like characters, plot, development, conflict… Continue reading “Writing a novel in June is crazy and so am I”