Man who stole our banner returned it today

40 Days for Life: Pray to End AbortionGod is so good and He definitely works in mysterious ways. This afternoon while I was at the prayer vigil outside Planned Parenthhod, a young man walked up to one of us and handed her a 40 Days for Life vigil banner (and those things aren’t cheap!). He told her that he stole it from us a while back, but had been thinking a lot about abortion since then. And that his ideas have changed a lot now.

Praise God and please keep this young man in your prayers, that God, Who is working in this man’s life, may bring him to the joy of conversion of mind and heart. Glory to God in the highest! His Mercy endures forever!

Today’s prayer intention for the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil

Today’s prayer intention in the 40 Days for Life devotional is something that I wish more people would think about, seriously think about and pray about for even a few minutes as the members of Congress consider the legislation before them, legislation that can help millions of people. Or do irreparable harm to millions. The choice to send these people to Washington was our choice. The choice to pass legislation is theirs, for good or ill. May we all make choices that we can live with. And that others, whose lives are in our hands, can live with too. Continue reading “Today’s prayer intention for the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil”

40 Days for Life is now in progress

I actually remembered to fast and pray yesterday, the first day of 40 Days for Life, Fall 2009. (And today, too!) We were reminded about it at Mass this past Sunday and I went to the website Monday and downloaded the PDF’s of the daily devotionals, just so I’d have them if I couldn’t get online for some reason. Continue reading “40 Days for Life is now in progress”

40 Days for Life begins Wednesday, Sept 23

For forty days Jesus fasted and prayed in the desert before he began His public ministry. Every year Catholics around the world prepare for the Easter celebration by fasting and praying during the forty days of the Lenten season. We also prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ as a baby in Bethlehem by praying and reflecting on the Gospel story during the season of Advent, which begins on November 29 2009. And what better way to prepare for Advent than by participating in this year’s 40 Days for Life. Continue reading “40 Days for Life begins Wednesday, Sept 23”