I didn’t know it, but apparently I and people like me are older and mostly white malcontents. I’m not sure if that means that most of us are white or if we are mostly white or mostly malcontents or mostly white malcontents. But whatever it means, Maureen Dowd says so, it’s right there in her column, so it must be true, huh? I mean, she wouldn’t make it up. She’s calling it just like she sees it, isn’t she? (See a quote from her op-ed piece below.) Continue reading

I do understand the frustration and anger of those who are letting their tempers get away from them at town meetings lately. But this situation has been brewing a long time and I’m glad so many of us are waking up and smelling the shlinglethorpe— (Oops! Sorry. That’s one of my re-defining words from an earlier post. How’d that sneak in here?) We do need change and we do need to band together and we do need to take action. But we need to take action that will accomplish our goals. Continue reading