King and Kingdom, Both and not either or

Christ the KingFirst I was going to start re-writes on the (still unnamed) novel in July after a brief rest. Then I was going to wait until August. But now, after a conversation with a friend this past Sunday evening, I’ve been so inspired and exhilarated I could hardly wait for Monday morning to get back to work on it. I got out every piece of Bible study material I have, including every Bible study I have on MP3, beginning with Tim Gray’s study on the Gospel according to Matthew, entitled The King and His Kingdom.

Now most of us know that Christ is King. But most of us here in the U.S. don’t really realize what kingship means, much less do we really understand the notion of kingdom. We tend to think of ourselves as the center of our own universes, captains of our own ships. Continue reading “King and Kingdom, Both and not either or”

Freedom, slavery and the difference between them

This morning I was watching television before getting ready to head out for Good Friday services at my parish. I was channel surfing and flipping back and forth between “Bible Battles” on the History Channel and “Beauty and the Beast” on Chiller. The battle that caught my attention was the battle between Moses and Pharaoh in the Exodus (though for some reason I’d never really thought of it as a battle before). Now it so happens that I have the audio of Tim Gray’s excellent study, Adventures in Exodus on my MP3 player and I’ve listened to it many times. So my little ears perked right up when a military historian on that show began speaking about Pharaoh making the Hebrew people into slaves and loading them down with hard labor. And my ears really perked up when he said, to paraphrase,

There’s only one problem; historically speaking, it’s entirely false.

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