Seeing The Face of Christ in the Face of the Other, Prayer by Jim Pinto, Jr.

The Face PrayerTired of people taking you to task for daring to speak up about the teachings of Christ and His Church? Feeling overwhelmed by overly zealous secularists insisting that you should be silent in the public square? Tempted to respond to insulting remarks and absurd accusations with a few angry retorts of your own? Then this prayer by Jim Pinto, Jr., is for you. And for me.

The Face Prayer

Heavenly Father, I embrace your grace this day,
So that I might not:
Think of another,
Speak to another or
Touch another,
without first looking for
Your Face in the other.
I ask all this through
Jesus Christ:
God Incarnate,
God with Skin,
God made Poor,
God with a Face. Amen!
 Jim Pinto, Jr.

Jim (of At Home with Jim and Joy on EWTN Radio) is a Pastoral Associate with Priests for Life and National Coordinator for the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life Lay Associates. I see Jim and Joy at almost every pro-life event I attend (and saw them at the Cathedral when Fr. Robert Barron spoke there about his new series Catholicism). The more I get to know them, the more I am drawn to their warmth and their obvious love for Christ and His Church. I’m also drawn to their pro-life spirituality. The Face Prayer was written by Jim. You can read more about the Theology of the Face and sign up for a free prayer card at their site.