The Doctrine of Truth, humbling words from the Imitation of Christ

Christ's priest, the priest is not his own, he is Christ'sI’ve been working on my novel, well, perhaps “working” is a bit misleading. I’ve been thinking about it and gathering ideas and notes, at least. Been reading lots too. Theology, trying to deepen my understanding of how Christianity works, what things mean, how to explain things, how to enter into the Mystery in a deeper way, how to deepen my interior life. And working on some posts for my blogs Some for elsewhere. Everybody else at this other blog seems to have a background in theology and/or philosophy. Then there’s me…Oy. I feel singularly not up to the task of arguing abstruse points of theology and philosophy with anybody. (This is not to say that people who approach the faith differently do so with less devotion. It’s just that my approach to the faith is different, though, of course, I do spend much time studying. But for me, all my studying can take away from the central thing, the heart of the matter. I need to focus even more on the inner side of things. I also need to get back to attending Daily Mass and saying my rosary faithfully. And the daily recitation of the Divine Office. How my interior life has slipped!)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been reading (and listening to an audio book of) the Imitation of Christ. So I get to chapter 3, The Doctrine of Truth, and what do I read? Continue reading “The Doctrine of Truth, humbling words from the Imitation of Christ”