Memorial of St Thomas Aquinas, Angelic Doctor

Not only was St. Thomas Aquinas a great thinker, philosopher and theologian, he was a devout and faithful Catholic, practicing charity and compassion, keeping almost nothing for himself, generously giving away what he had. Thimk of him as the Saint of Faith and Reason. He also wrote some beautiful hymns, such as the Adoro Te Devote. (Video below.)

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Who is to blame for the culture of death?

Christ is the True Manna from HeavenWho is to blame for the culture of death? Not atheists or progressives or democrats or republicans or pro-choice advocates. No, according to Dr. John Cuddeback in his talk, Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for Life in a Culture of Death, we Christians have no one to blame but ourselves. For we have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten to put on the mind of Christ. We have forgotten how to pray. We have forgotten that prayer is necessary to the life of the Christian. We have forgotten that the Eucharist, the highest form of prayer, is absolutely necessary to the life of the Christian. Prayer and reception of divine grace in the sacraments is not optional, not something extraneous to the Christian way of life but is absolutely central to it. Continue reading “Who is to blame for the culture of death?”