How often do doctors predict problems and urge abortions

The doctor told the parents to abort her“The doctor told me my baby was deformed and couldn’t survive. He told me the merciful thing to do was to abort.” “My wife called me at work. She was devastated. She had an ultrasound and the doctor told her he could see that the baby had so many problems, there was no way it could live a normal, healthy life. The doctor and his nurse told her she should terminate the pregnancy.” “My baby was supposed to have Downs Syndrome. My doctor assumed I’d want an abortion.” “My life was a mess. I was on so many drugs, alcohol…Then I found out I was pregnant. The doctor was furious when I refused to abort my baby. He said my baby would suffer from drug addiction like me and that just wasn’t fair to the child.” Continue reading “How often do doctors predict problems and urge abortions”