The Rosary Project is ready for you to use


Friends of the Rosary Project: The Mysteries of the Rosary are now on the blog. The pages and image galleries are here and ready for you to use. I’ll be adding more to the project as time goes on, but you can use it now. To navigate the pages you can use the Table of Contents and the menu at the top of every page. I’ll be adding special navigation to each page soon.

I hope you’ll join me to continue praying for conversion and transformation of souls, for union with God, and to end the culture of death in all of its aspects and to grow a civilization of Love. And while you’re here, subscribe to keep up-to-date on the blog. You can also check outo the new What’s New page.

God bless you, friends, may His peace be always with you.

Trying on a new look for the Advent season

I really just wanted a theme with a main column and two sidebars, and with the free blog, the pickin’s are pretty slim. I like the themes by Andreas Viklund, though most of my favorite ones by him are not offered here. Argh. So I’m trying this one for now, for the layout and for the Advent/Christmas colors it provides. I’m using purple right now since it’s the liturgical color of Advent for weeks 1, 2, and 4, pink or rose being used for week 3. (Some communities use blue instead of purple since purple is also the color used in Lent.) I’m trying the snow effect too. For now. It may prove too annoying to keep it for long. Let me know if it bugs you. I don’t mind turning it off.