Who is harassing who? Scenes from the sidewalk

I was walking down the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood, reading a pro-life handbook one of our team leaders gave me when I heard a car slow down and finally stop beside me on the road. (Why do these big strong courageous men wait until little ol’ me is all alone to do this?) He lowered the window on the passenger’s side and said in a low voice:

“Why don’t you stop harassing those people?” Continue reading “Who is harassing who? Scenes from the sidewalk”

Resident says abortion clinic not the problem, protesters are

I was praying quietly, minding my own business, doing my Rosary/walking meditation, when a guy in the apartment parking lot across the street hollered out and asked me where I was from. Now, I’m basically a trusting soul, prone to give a person the benefit of the doubt, so I answered him in a good-natured way, mistakenly assuming that he was asking in a good-natured way. “I’m from (…)” His reply? “The group earlier was from (…). I wish ya’ll would protest in your own town.” Continue reading “Resident says abortion clinic not the problem, protesters are”