Perilous Times Call for Courageous Christians

I’ve been waiting for Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, to speak his mind about the Amazon Synod/Pachamama debacle. And on Tuesday, November 5, he did, on his EWTN show, Scripture and Tradition, where the subject, providentially enough, was righteousness. God is so good! His remarks about Pachamama begin at 31:38 and the link I’ve posted it set to start at that time mark. I’m glad to say that my gut feeling (and mental judgment) about the situation continues to be affirmed and confirmed by what I’m hearing from those for whom I have much respect. But Fr. Mitch went further, spoke without mincing words, and revealed some information about the state of religion in the Andes that I have not heard elsewhere. God bless Fr. Mitch! Below is the video.

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Pray for the USCCB, they need all the help they can get

A friend just sent me an email with the link to a video about a scandal involving the USCCB. (Watch the video below.) Turns out the US Catholic Bishops Conference is a member of an anti-Catholic group, I’m downloading the video now. I watched the first part of it. I’m sure that the Vatican has seen it too. I’ll bet the Pope would love to sit down with the Bishops in the U.S. and ask ’em, What the *&@#% is wrong with you people, huh? Continue reading “Pray for the USCCB, they need all the help they can get”