Monday, Monday

+JMJ+ Thanks for checking in as I continue to recover from, well, lemme just say: one should not let oneself run out of Prednisone for more than a couple of days if one has been on said Pred for years. That’s part of the problem. I’ve got my meds and now I’m beginning to feel like a human being again, but I’m still weak and fatigued, more than my sarcoidosis–an invisible disease–usual, I suspect I had a mild adrenal crisis. Ack! So I’m taking the night off and going back to sleep.

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(More than) a few words and anotha cuppa

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Thinking about a topic for tonight’s post I stumbled upon a great idea: How about ME? ;) I’ve been reading a lot of posts and tweets about what COVID-19 is like. Suffering from it, that is. And to tell the truth, it sounds a lot like what I go through every day with sarcoidosis, on steroids. (That there be an inside joke. Sarcoidosis. On steroids. Steroids being the main, if not the only treatment for it. Ha. Sigh. Ahem! Anyway…) 

I am NOT making light of COVID-19, nor am I saying it’s no worse than sarcoidosis. It clearly is. I’m just saying that there are similarities. Here’s what I mean.

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