Weekly Series on the Soul, Part 41 – Doctor of the Soul

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 41 of our weekly series on the soul. I couldn’t let today go by without a special something for the saint whose name I had chosen but, sadly, never got to give as my confirmation name (that part was skipped over for some reason): Saint Teresa of Avila, or, more properly, Saint Teresa de Jesus. Even more properly: Santa Madre Teresa de Jesus. (I’ve actually practiced saying that for years and if I could roll my r’s, I think it would sound pretty convincing, but I cain’t, so it dudden.) So I’ll post the next part of Body, Soul, and the Life Everlasting next week and share these three talks about Saint Teresa, Doctor of the Church and of the Soul, with you tonight. (I think we’ll have to explore some of St. Teresa’s writings at some point, don’t you?)

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