Did you know that there is a connection between the Divine Mercy Devotion and abortion?

Divine Mercy

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know about it. I’ve been sharing this message with people since the fall of 2009 when I first read about it and no one I’ve talked to has ever heard of it before I told them. There is an explicit link between the message given to Saint Faustina, the Devotion to the Divine Mercy, and the sin of abortion. I had read the Diary, Divine Mercy in my Soul, and I didn’t remember seeing it. But it’s there. And there is a special Apostolic Blessing from Pope John Paul II for those who pray the Chaplet to end abortion, and also five special intentions to be used. Did you know any of that?

See the Divine Mercy and Abortion page, added tonight, March 1 2012. And, please, share this with your friends, family and priests! All Catholics should know this!

The Divine Mercy Devotion and the abortion connection

Updated, October 12, 2020: I have to periodically go through the links in this post and be sure they still work or edit them. Doing that again today.

Down at the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil today some of the participants were Catholics. We all had our Rosaries, so we prayed the Rosary and then the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I mentioned to the people there with me that it was significant that we were praying the devotion on St. Faustina’s Feast Day, in light of the abortion connection. Huh? they said. You know, I said, in the diary? I missed it myself until I read about it in Fr. Frank Pavone’s book, Ending Abortion, Not Just Fighting It, several months ago. (Updated links to the book at the end of this post.)

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Rosaries, tired feet and discipling on the sidewalk

Late this morning I felt the inner prompting to go to Daily Mass up at EWTN. I got there at the beginning of the collect, which is when I heard that it was St. Faustina’s Feast Day. (Read more about St. Faustina, the Apostle of Divine Mercy.) I’d been debating whether to go to the library to blog after Mass or go do some sidewalk prayer vigil with the other 40 Days of Life participants instead. Continue reading “Rosaries, tired feet and discipling on the sidewalk”