No, we do not worship idols

+JMJ+  It happens more often than one might expect: non-Catholics see a post or a tweet, or my Rosary threads on Twitter, and they immediately pounce. “You shouldn’t pray to dead people. That’s necromancy.” “You shouldn’t use images. That’s idolatry.” I’ve written about prayer to saints before. Tonight I want to share something about the use of images, holy images, sacred images. It boggles my mind how things that were settled in the Church hundreds and hundreds of years ago can still be imagined to be open to debate all this time later. 

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I’m still learning about St. Joseph

+JMJ+ I’ve been exploring and studying the faith for many years, since those early days in 1994 until now, 28 years later. (I’ve been Catholic for 26 years but began exploring the Church a couple of years before I was received.) And still I learn something new all the time. Yesterday I discovered a devotion I’d never heard of before. 

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Madonna and Child, some favorite paintings

In the previous post I shared a little something about one of my new used books, The Mother of God: Art Celebrates Mary, but I didn’t have time to do much more than mention it. Tonight I want to begin looking inside it and I’ll share that with you. I can’t reproduce the works from the book without violating copyright, but I’ll share what I can find in the public domain where possible. (Links at the end of this post.)

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A new used art book and an unfortunate event

I found another used book online the other day and it arrived today. It’s beautiful! The Mother of God: Art Celebrates Mary, the inaugural exhibition at the John Paul II Cultural Center, organized by the Vatican Museums in collaboration with the Cultural Center. (Links at the end of this post.)

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Beauty: Catholic Art vs Iconoclasm Past and Present

Just watched an episode of Catholic Answers Live with Elizabeth Lev talking about her latest book, How Catholic Art Saved the Faith. Oh, my goodness, I’m enjoying this interview. When they were talking about Caravaggio I had tears in my eyes. Still do. (Video below. Links at the end of this post.)

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Sacred art is for the illiterate, oh, really?

I’m so tired of hearing people say that sacred art was necessary long ago because those poor people were ignorant, uneducated, illiterate and backward, so stained glass windows and such were the only way they could be taught religion. Does this mean that we who are supposedly educated and intelligent and intellectual and literate and advanced—that we do not need art? Sacred art is not produced for the likes of us? It has nothing to offer us because we do not need it? Continue reading “Sacred art is for the illiterate, oh, really?”