Leaving Savannah

My doggie and I are leaving Savannah today. I got some photos (click thumbnails below to see larger images) of one of the many parks around town (including a cool raiinbow that appeared amidst a fountain) and of the cathedral in downtown historic Savannah. Continue reading “Leaving Savannah”

On the road, Washington DC, Days 1 and 2

Cross RoadI had planned to post an update last night before I got some much-needed sleep, but, of course, there was no internet signal in my room with the free Wi-Fi. Today I’ve got a decent signal but I had to buy a day-pass to log on. I know! I couldn’t believe it either. Dang, I haven’t paid for internet in so long, I nearly fainted when I had gotten all my stuff out of my car (who’da thunk so much stuff would fit in there?!), got it all arranged, introduced my dog to the doggie playground area very close to the room—only to find out that internet is offered but not for free. Argh! Well, annoying as that is—and it is, terribly—I’m much too tired to even think of hunting for another place to stay tonight. Tomorrow’s the big day, the reason I’m here, and I have to get ready for it. Have to prepare myself for marching in freezing rain and wind. At least, that’s what the forecast was last time I heard it. Continue reading “On the road, Washington DC, Days 1 and 2”

Thoughts on the day before the journey begins

Canon PowerShot SD780I’ve been getting the car serviced and cleaned out in preparation for the journey to DC tomorrow. Spent a little more than I’d hoped; 50,000 mile check up. Argh. But I feel better knowing that everything’s okay. The car hasn’t been this clean since before I took my first road trip in it a few months after I got it. Oh, how spotless I kept it back then. Hopefully I can keep it clean this time too. Somehow, though, letting dogs and friends and friends with dogs ride in the car seems to ensure a handy supply of dirt, debris and dog hair coating everything. And I’ve been known to spill a drink or two in it myself. And then there are the cup holders. Or should I say, the drink holders? The spaces that are supposed to hold the cups but which all too often end up holding what has leaked through the cups, ugh, what a mess! Continue reading “Thoughts on the day before the journey begins”