The heavens show forth the glory of God, another new banner

I’ve changed the banner on the blog yet again. It’s an obsession. I feel a need to update the look (or at least, the banner) with every change of my focus or interest, no matter how slight. The latest shift of focus is not really a shift in kind but in degree. I’ve been watching the rising tide of atheism and the accompanying tide of immoral “morality” for many years. Continue reading “The heavens show forth the glory of God, another new banner”

Intelligent discussions on evolution and intelligent design

Maybe it’s happened to you. Conversations with friends or acquaintances veer somehow onto the topics of creation, evolution, intelligent design, faith and various other equally innocuous notions guaranteed to heat the blood and bring tempers to the boiling point in short order. Perhaps someone you know has thrust a book by Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris in your face, telling you to “read this and get yourself free of those antiquated notions” of God and faith (and, of course, that madman Jesus), Continue reading “Intelligent discussions on evolution and intelligent design”

I’m a Catholic Christian, does that make me stupid?

I mentioned in a couple of earlier posts (Reason versus faith and other false debates and When life begins) that there are those who, upon learning that I am a Christian (and a Catholic one, at that!), expect me to argue every point from a religious point of view. The unspoken assumption is that faith and reason have nothing to do with each other and are imagined to be opposed to each other, mutually exclusive in nature. I am a person of faith; I, therefore, cannot be a person of reason. Continue reading “I’m a Catholic Christian, does that make me stupid?”

Reason versus faith and other false debates

For some reason during conversations like last night’s, many people will stereotype me as a “religion-head”. A “believer”. A “fanatic”. Okay, no one’s ever actually called me a “religion-head”, I just made up the label. But at some point during our argument, er, discussion I cease to be merely a human being who is free to look at the various aspects of an issue, using various parts of my brain and mind to glean what I can about the truth of a situation; and I become, instead, someone who is only allowed to have a religious opinion. And I’m not even allowed to have my true religious opinion. Oh, no. Uh uh. I’m only allowed to have a silly, distorted and baseless pseudo-religious opinion foisted upon me by the other party in his or her complete lack of understanding of my views. Continue reading “Reason versus faith and other false debates”