Resident says abortion clinic not the problem, protesters are

I was praying quietly, minding my own business, doing my Rosary/walking meditation, when a guy in the apartment parking lot across the street hollered out and asked me where I was from. Now, I’m basically a trusting soul, prone to give a person the benefit of the doubt, so I answered him in a good-natured way, mistakenly assuming that he was asking in a good-natured way. “I’m from (…)” His reply? “The group earlier was from (…). I wish ya’ll would protest in your own town.” Continue reading “Resident says abortion clinic not the problem, protesters are”

Look, Ma(ureen), I’m an older mostly white malcontent

I didn’t know it, but apparently I and people like me are older and mostly white malcontents. I’m not sure if that means that most of us are white or if we are mostly white or mostly malcontents or mostly white malcontents. But whatever it means, Maureen Dowd says so, it’s right there in her column, so it must be true, huh? I mean, she wouldn’t make it up. She’s calling it just like she sees it, isn’t she? (See a quote from her op-ed piece below.) Continue reading “Look, Ma(ureen), I’m an older mostly white malcontent”

Birmingham man acquitted of walking down the sidewalk

You read that right: a Birmingham man has been acquitted of two charges of walking down the street outside an abortion clinic. Yes, he had been there on other occasions to protest the abortions that are done there. But when the clinic had him arrested for violating the terms of a court injunction, Mr. Spears was not protesting; he was merely walking down the sidewalk. Continue reading “Birmingham man acquitted of walking down the sidewalk”