Reporter interviews 40 DFL participant, station declines to air the segment

The reporter was kind and considerate and conducted himself in a very gentlemanly way. He got video footage of our 40 Days for Life vigil site outside our local Planned Parenthood. (Use link or see video on YouTube or below.) He talked with us a while and filmed one of us for a few minutes, allowing her to speak freely and frankly about abortion and about alternatives and about what the 40 DFL prayer vigil is all about. I was delighted with the way he handled his coverage of the story and with my fellow vigil-er’s thoughtfulness and with her presentation of the pro-life message. She wasn’t even scheduled to be there, I think I was scheduled to be alone at that hour. I’m so glad I wasn’t! I’m so glad God led her to be there then! Continue reading “Reporter interviews 40 DFL participant, station declines to air the segment”

I overheard members of the press at the March for Life in DC

I moved through the crowds in Washington DC on Friday, January 22 2010. People streamed up and down both sides of the streets on every block as I searched for a parking place and as I trudged toward the park where the rally was already in progress. Pro-life people were everywhere. Notice I do not call us “anti-abortionists” or “anti-abortion activists”. The pro-life movement is not only about abortion and is not merely a negative “against something”; it is rather a positive “for something”. For life. For many different aspects of life. For the life of every human person. This is a serious cause and deserves serious treatment by the press. But here is what I heard as I reached a street corner and waited for the light to change. A man (wearing a nice fancy camera) walked up to a woman (also wearing a nice fancy camera) and said, “Oh, AP is here!” A second passed before I realized he meant the press, but then I turned and saw that they both wore press passes around their necks along with their cameras. They were discussing how they were going to cover the March. Apparently neither one of them cared much for the assignment (I say this because of the rather dismissive way they both laughed while they talked) and they were going to finish it off as fast as they could. She said she was going to take a few shots, then one of a building and call it quits. The Smithsonian was right next to the park where the rally was held, so that may be the building she was talking about. Well, at least I didn’t hear them call us any names. Could have been worse, I suppose.