So how does opposing abortion and euthanasia make me a racist?

Some of my friends are black, some are white, some are Hispanic, some are Japanese, some are this, some are that. They’re all human and that’s what matters. They know that I don’t care about the color of their skin. They know that I love them. And I think they love me. When I oppose the bigotry and prejudice that abounds in this world, when I stand up to a group of angry, drunken burly white men who are trying to bully a group of young Hispanics and blacks, am I a racist then? When I speak out about racial hatred and outrageous behavior, am I a racist then? Continue reading “So how does opposing abortion and euthanasia make me a racist?”

Pro-life advocates arrested in my hometown

I was born in Alabama and raised in Birmingham. I’ve lived in the Magic City for most, though not all, of my life. And I’m aware that the city has a history of arresting peaceful demonstrators and violating their free speech. But at least those arrests from long ago used to make the news. I live here, for heaven’s sake, and I didn’t hear about this until months after the event, and I certainly didn’t hear about it on any of the local or national news shows. Nobody’s even mentioned it at the weekly pro-life prayer group meetings I attend. Could it be that none of them have stumbled upon the story yet? Stumble upon it, I did, accidentally (and providentially) while surfing the web, searching for pro-life news sites. Imagine my surprise when I saw this headline:

Birmingham, Alabama Officials Arrest Pro-Life Advocates, Violate Free Speech

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