March for Life DC 2020, I’m with you in spirit

A fraction of the crowd at the March for Life in DC

I can’t be there today for the March for Life DC 2020, but I was there with the MASSIVE CROWD in 2010. Miss Abby Dawg (of beloved memory) was there with me, too, but she was all snuggledy-cozy in the comfort of a pet hotel, eating snacks and getting cuddles, while I was freezing in the cold, damp northern air. (And realizing that I’m really not young any more, my sarcoidosis making it more difficult than ever to cling to any illusions I may have had otherwise. I used to love cold air when I lived in NH. Now, not so much.)

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Leaving Savannah

My doggie and I are leaving Savannah today. I got some photos (click thumbnails below to see larger images) of one of the many parks around town (including a cool raiinbow that appeared amidst a fountain) and of the cathedral in downtown historic Savannah. Continue reading “Leaving Savannah”

Images from the sidewalk, 40 Days for Life, Fall 2009

These are photos from our prayer vigil at 40 Days for Life Fall 2009, more shots of the sidewalk chalk messages. I meant to take more today but I spent most of my time praying, especially after the adventure I wrote about in my last post. Maybe I’ll get more soon, if it doesn’t rain. Peace be with you. (Photos below. Click on any image to see larger version.) Continue reading “Images from the sidewalk, 40 Days for Life, Fall 2009”

EWTN Family Celebrations, continued, photos

As I explained, complained and whined in the last post, the lighting (or lack thereof) was such that my meager skills as an amateur photographer were more than overwhelmed and, therefore, the quality of the resulting photos leaves me somewhat underwhelmed. Which is a very wordy and long way of saying, in short, I be bad, as a photographer, anyway. But my camera makes me look like I know what I’m doing and I have such a natural talent for faking it that I am constantly mistaken for “The Media”. So I am often allowed to photograph things that otherwise I wouldn’t and sometimes I am not allowed to photograph things that ordinarily I would. Continue reading “EWTN Family Celebrations, continued, photos”

The beauty of towering storm clouds

It was a hot, humid, stormy day as I got out of my car. I’d just arrived at my favorite coffee shop when I looked up at the sky, as I often do, so I grabbed my camera off the backseat to get the shot you see below. I take my camera with me wherever I go these days.

Towering storm clouds
Towering storm clouds
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