Clump of cells or human being, lump of tissue or human person

Protect the Sancity of Human LifeI was visiting Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center the other day when I saw this model of a tiny baby, representing the child’s size at the age of 12 weeks. I picked it up with the sign showing the age it represented and took a photo of the model and the sign in the palm of my hand. I was profoundly moved by that moment. And that was when the idea for my new project was born. I’m in the planning stages right now but here’s what I’m hoping to do: to record images, audio and video of the pro-life community here in Birmingham. I’ll post updates here. Suggestions are welcome. :)

The beauty of towering storm clouds

It was a hot, humid, stormy day as I got out of my car. I’d just arrived at my favorite coffee shop when I looked up at the sky, as I often do, so I grabbed my camera off the backseat to get the shot you see below. I take my camera with me wherever I go these days.

Towering storm clouds
Towering storm clouds
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