ACLU and Planned Parenthood join forces to keep petition from circulating

The personhood movement is gaining momentum around the country but there are those who find this alarming and threatening (in this case, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood). Say, isn’t the ACLU supposed to be about protecting our civil liberties? Then why are they working to shut down anyone’s right to exercise these civil liberties, a chief one of which is the right to speak out about issues, whether in print or by spoken word? Read about efforts to thwart petitions from circulating in Nevada. Read more about the personhood issue.

A chilling notion, re-defining personhood

Imagine a government re-defining personhood so that people can be used in scientific research or for organ cloning and/or harvesting. Sounds like science fiction, huh? Well, think again. And listen to this Brave New Bioethics’ podcast, What It Means to Be Human. Continue reading “A chilling notion, re-defining personhood”

Trees have standing and other roots of madness

I think that I shall never see a person so lovely as a tree. That’s right, you heard me. A tree can be accorded legal standing as a person according to our very own beloved Supreme Court. But children in the womb are not have no such claim to personhood as decided by that very same court. Don’t believe me? Read about this Supreme Court case, the Sierra Club vs. Morton, in which Justice Wm. O. Douglas wrote the following:

The ordinary corporation is a “person” for purposes of the adjudicatory processes, whether it represents proprietary, spiritual, aesthetic, or charitable causes…So it should be as respects valleys, alpine meadows, rivers, lakes, estuaries, beaches, ridges, groves of trees, swampland, or even air that feels the destructive pressures of modern technology and modern lifeContinue reading “Trees have standing and other roots of madness”