Oprah doesn’t want my stem cells

Oprah doesn’t want my stem cells, judging from what I read about her reaction when Dr. Oz stated on her show that the stem cell debate was dead. Why dead, you might ask? Because, Dr. Oz went on to explain, much more success has been had in the treatment of disease from the use of adult stem cells. [How much more? Well, I believe that there has been exactly no success with embryonic stem cells. The only success there has been has been from adult stem cells.] And then there’s the little problem of acquiring the cells. Adult stem cells come from aware and consenting adults. Embryonic stem cells are taken from embryos who are killed in the process. Oprah and her guest, Michael J. Fox, a strong supporter of embryonic stem cell research, were not pleased to hear Dr. Oz say this. Continue reading “Oprah doesn’t want my stem cells”