Supreme Court Justice Dawn Johnsen?

Obama is growing impatient to put Dawn Johnsen into office and may go so far as to appoint her during recess, in order to get around those who oppose her nomination. He doesn’t want politics to get in the way, he says. Oh, that is rich. And the best part? The current nomination is for Assistant Attorney General, but radical militant pro-abortion advocate Johnsen could also be on the way to a seat on the Supreme Court. How’s that for a slap in the face to every pro-life citizen in the country? Read the full story at Dawn Johnsen May Receive Recess Appointment, Perhaps Supreme Court Seat.

Danger, Will Robinson and anybody who values the right to life

I can’t say this better than the Susan B. Anthony List did, so I’m going to quote the paragraph (see below) about Dawn Johnsen’s nomination to Assistant Attorney General, and link to their Action Alert (see more Action Alerts) so you can see this for yourself. And, please, after you finish reading, take action. And share this with your friends, family, prayer groups, everybody you know. This is important. This is really, really important. I’m eating lunch in Savannah prior to heading back out on the highway to make the trip home, but I saw this in my email and knew I had to stop everything to share it with you. Continue reading “Danger, Will Robinson and anybody who values the right to life”