Taking it to the streets, New York’s Abortion Row prayer vigil

Just when I’m starting to think I’m accomplishing something, the Good Lord sends me a little lesson in humility. Check out the video (below) of the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil on New York City’s Abortion Row where there are around a hundred—that’s 1 0 0—abortion mills plying their trade day after day, along a strip that’s about a mile and a half long, filled with deafening noise from the overhead subway, street and foot traffic, and riddled with crime other than the legalized crime of abortion. A drug-related killing took place at the vigil site just days before the vigil began. Watch this and get inspired to get out there on the street wherever your street may be. And, please, share this with your friends, family, members of your community and church. Get out the word. Then get out there and pray! Continue reading “Taking it to the streets, New York’s Abortion Row prayer vigil”