Letter to a Christian Nation, Review Part 2, Reflections

The following are some further reflections on the book by Sam Harris, Letter to a Christian Nation. I have to tell you, I really don’t like spending my time re-reading this thing, it was painful enough the first time. I read it the first time because I promised my young atheist friend that I would; and I’m re-reading it now because I know some people who are waiting to read what else I’m going to write about it. (See more in an earlier post.) Continue reading “Letter to a Christian Nation, Review Part 2, Reflections”

The revolutionary, evolutionary and revolting rhetoric of Letter to a Christian Nation

Regular readers of Catholic Heart and Mind know of my ongoing conversation with a young man who is an atheist. At his request I’ve been reading Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris. Every day I hear of someone reading this book or ones like it, and “losing their faith”. Friends have questioned why I would read such a thing. Because, I tell them, I want to know what the New Atheists are saying and why they are saying it.

And now I know. Continue reading “The revolutionary, evolutionary and revolting rhetoric of Letter to a Christian Nation”

Intelligent discussions on evolution and intelligent design

Maybe it’s happened to you. Conversations with friends or acquaintances veer somehow onto the topics of creation, evolution, intelligent design, faith and various other equally innocuous notions guaranteed to heat the blood and bring tempers to the boiling point in short order. Perhaps someone you know has thrust a book by Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris in your face, telling you to “read this and get yourself free of those antiquated notions” of God and faith (and, of course, that madman Jesus), Continue reading “Intelligent discussions on evolution and intelligent design”