Revenge of Conscience, What We Can’t Not Know

Many people claim to not know what truth is. Or they claim to be following their consciences. Or they claim there is no such thing as truth or a conscience either. I run into these people on Twitter and other places and the conversations are always stunning. Not stunningly beautiful but stunning to my mind. They make my brain hurt. So I’m posting this video below by Dr. J. Budziszewski at the Acton Institute, Natural Law and the Revenge of Conscience. J. Bud, as he’s often known (understandably) is the author of The Revenge of Conscience and also What We Can’t Not Know. See links at the end of this post.

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Inalienable, Unalienable, does it really matter

Rats! Mom told me they'd stick this way someday!I had to read this sentence (below or read it on the web, scroll down to perception’s oh-so-perceptive remark) twice before commenting on it: once to stare and shake my head and once to snort. The statement appears on a forum in a discussion about the difference between “inalienable” and unalienable” rights. Yes, there is a difference. A big difference. And one that is slipping out of our awareness and many of our dictionaries. An Orwellian slippage, as our “educators” and others educate the intelligence, will to learn and even the ability to learn right out of us. Dictionaries do not always show us the best or right way to define something, they often reveal to us mere common usage of terms. They do not often point out how errant such usage may be. I learned that lesson long ago and tend to take published “facts” with a large grain of salt. (Scroll down for more on this difference.) Continue reading “Inalienable, Unalienable, does it really matter”