Catholic History, Dispelling the Myths, a video by Dr. Thomas F. Madden


If the ignorant rantings of certain people–especially the recent and most ignorant ranting of a certain ignorant politician–have accomplished nothing else, at least they have brought attention to a subject that has suffered from lack of attention; or when it has garnered attention, the motive has most often been that of ill will, and rather than spreading light, has instead increased the darkness, already pervasive enough, even in Catholic circles. Perhaps especially in Catholic circles. That darkness and ignorance is partly our own fault for not taking it upon ourselves to dig and learn, and to demand that our teachers actually teach, and teach the truth; and partly the fault of a culture that has produced an education (I use the term loosely) system that both distrusts and even hates Holy Mother Church.

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The video above is a lecture by Dr. Thomas F. Madden, entitled “Catholic History: Dispelling the Myths.” He talks about the Crusades and much more. As Dr. Madden reveals, we Catholics have much of which we should be proud. This is not revisionist history; this is sweeping away the absurdities of the revisionists who foisted a great hoax upon us instead of teaching us real history. Listen up, Catholics. Seek the truth, find it, embrace it, hold onto it. And share it with everyone you can. Share it with your family, your friends, and share it with other Catholics. We need to know these things. We need to stand up and speak out. We need to be able to defend our Faith and our Church, now more than ever. Or, perhaps, now as ever. The Church is always under attack from her ancient enemy, her adversary and ours, who never sleeps, who goes about seeking whom he may devour.

St Teresa de Jesus

I am going to continue to post information and links and videos here often in order to help spread the good news about our Faith and our Holy Mother Church. This is the least I can do after all the Church has done for me, which is to completely change my life, to transform it, to bring me fully into the Body of Christ, and welcome me Home. One day I want to be able to say, at last, with St. Teresa, “I am a daughter of the Church.” May it be His Will. Amen, amen!

The Galileo Myth, getting at the truth

I’ve been reading about the infamous Galileo controversy. And guess what? Everybody who has hurled a dung heap of invective at the Church for denying the “truth” of Galileo’s heliocentric theory, listen up. Galileo’s point was not that our sun was the center of the solar system. Nope. His contention was that our sun was the center of the universe! That idea (which he did not originate and which he presented as fact which he failed to prove) the Church rejected, although she did not forbid Galileo to present the idea as a conjecture. Continue reading “The Galileo Myth, getting at the truth”

Joseph Campbell was once my hero

Photo of Joseph Campbell by Joan Halifax, from Wikimedia, CC BY 2.0.

He used to be my hero. I used to go exploring in my little Datsun, listening to Joseph Campbell tapes over and over until I had them memorized. I had a large collection of his writings. But years later I realized that whatever else he understood, Joseph Campbell did not understand Catholicism. Raised in a Catholic family, he left the Church as a young man. For all his obvious erudition, and his engaging wit and style notwithstanding, Campbell wrote and spoke of the Church as the outsider he had become. In my own experience I have found it difficult, if not impossible, to truly understand a religion from without. One runs the risk of seeing only the externals and missing deeper significances. Leaving the Church is not the best way to understand it; studying other religions does not necessarily help one understand one’s own. Giving in to that sort of intellectual curiosity is tempting but it rarely results in increased wisdom.

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