So it’s wrong if it hurts but not wrong if it doesn’t?

So, let me get this straight: some people think abortion is wrong because it…hurts…the fetus. And other people think abortion isn’t wrong because they think it…doesn’t…hurt…the fetus. :O

I’m sorry but that is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard! Well, two of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Ever! I’ve read this several times now on different blogs, websites, in pamphlets. I’ve heard people say this stuff. And women have actually stopped and wondered if maybe they shouldn’t abort. Because. After all. It might. Hurt. The baby. Continue reading “So it’s wrong if it hurts but not wrong if it doesn’t?”

Murderer kills activist for being pro-life

September 11th was a dark day in 2001. And it was a dark day again in 2009 when a brave pro-life activist was gunned down while carrying a sign outside a high school in Michigan. And there is no doubt that he was targeted by his assailant precisely because he (the victim) was pro-life since he (the murderer) admitted it:

“Prosecutors said Drake told them he targeted Pouillon because of his pro-life activities.” Quoted from

Continue reading “Murderer kills activist for being pro-life”

Murder is not pro-life

I’d like to think that it doesn’t need to be said. But I’ve already heard and read enough to know that it does need to be said, over and over, so I’ll say it again right now: Murder is not pro-life. Murder is exactly the opposite of pro-life. One cannot be pro-life and pro-murder. The two ways are mutually exclusive. One is either pro-life or not, pro-life or anti-life, promoting a culture of life or promoting a culture of death. Continue reading “Murder is not pro-life”

The Bible says nothing about abortion, oh really?

The other day someone actually tried to tell me that the Bible only mentions the killing of a child in the womb one time, so the Bible isn’t really against abortion. Good grief. Of course, this same person also tried to tell me that he knew all about Catholicism and the Catholic Church, even though he left that Church as a kid. Judging from our talk, he stopped believing in God and the Church at about the same time he stopped believing in Santa Claus. Continue reading “The Bible says nothing about abortion, oh really?”