Wisdom from a little book about Marian feasts

+JMJ+ May is the month devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In 2019 I wrote a series, a post for (almost) every day in May. This time around I’ve been doing some spiritual reading, going through my shelf of Marian books and I thought I’d share a longish quote from a book about Marian feasts. I’ll include links to the book at the end of the post.

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May, the Month of Mary

+JMJ+  This year is flying by! It’s the month of Mary already again and I need to change the sidebar and a couple of other things. Hey, it’s only the second day of the month, that’s early for me. I usually think about it sometime toward the end of the first week. Sigh. I’ve linked a couple of videos below and added a couple more links in the notes and links section at the end. Our non-Catholic friends and family almost always give us a hard time about the Mother of God. Maybe something here will help you answer when they question you.

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Two Eves This Evening

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A post in the Something About Mary Every Day In May series.

A few years ago I stumbled upon a painting* of Mary as the New Eve surrounded by what I take to be pomegranate trees, symbolizing the Garden of Eden. She stands, one hand on her pregnant belly, the other cradling the cheek of the earlier Eve. Eve stands before her, one hand grasping the fruit of her downfall. Mary, her face full of concern and compassion, holds her other hand. 

Two Eves, a painting by
The Virgin Mary Consoles Eve, a crayon and pencil drawing by Sr. Grace Remington OCSO, Sisters of the Mississippi Abbey
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