Lenten Evening Thoughts – On Love

Christ Knocking at the Door of the HeartChrist is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The One and Only True Way, the Way and the Truth Who gives Life.

But people don’t see this Truth, don’t hear Him, don’t know Him, don’t want to know. And all He wants to do is love us and be loved by us. So simple.

And yet we would rather cause ourselves and others endless pain.

“Love is not loved.”

Saint Francis was right.

Resident says vigil hurts property values, huh?

Yep, a gentleman who lives across the street from the abortion mill told our vigil attendees that the “protest” (the word pro-abortion folks prefer to peaceful-pro-life-prayer-vigil; I admit, it is a shorter expression) lowers the property values of the apartment building where he lives. :O Oh, no, he didden! Continue reading “Resident says vigil hurts property values, huh?”