Did I ever tell you about my encounters with evil?

+JMJ+ Someone asked on Twitter today if anyone had ever seen anything holy or demonic (outside of the sacraments as he later clarified, which is exactly what I understood him to mean and hence my answer). I gave a brief Twitter reply but here on the blog I can tell the story in a fuller, more fleshed-out fashion. So here it is.

Out of Nowhere

It was a dark and stormy night on a lonely road. Well, the night was dark and the road was lonely, but the only storm was my heart thundering in my chest. It happened many years ago but I remember well how the car appeared behind me, out of nowhere, traveling so close behind I thought surely the driver was going to ram me. I sped up to get away but the driver sped up, too. I slowed down and signaled for the driver to pass me (we were on a divided four-lane highway), but the car slowed and matched my speed. 

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Who is harassing who? Scenes from the sidewalk

I was walking down the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood, reading a pro-life handbook one of our team leaders gave me when I heard a car slow down and finally stop beside me on the road. (Why do these big strong courageous men wait until little ol’ me is all alone to do this?) He lowered the window on the passenger’s side and said in a low voice:

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Rhetoric dangerous to the fabric of our democracy, gimme a break

I just now wrote a letter to Geico about their decision to pull their advertising dollars from Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News. If you haven’t heard, Color Of Change has been organizing folks to write to corporations to urge them to re-direct their advertising money away from Glenn, since he isn’t afraid to say things that certain people don’t want to hear. I told Geico how disappointed I am that they displayed such a lack of courage by “caving in” (I couldn’t resist; and I also didn’t use that in my letter) this way to such tactics of intimidation. Continue reading “Rhetoric dangerous to the fabric of our democracy, gimme a break”