Book of the Month, Mar 2022, Part 11

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 11 of our current Catholic Book of the Month, Introduction to the Spiritual Life, by Brant Pitre. I’m on a Quest to become a saint and I’m using this book as my guide.  Come along with me and let’s become saints together! Today we’ll look at the first capital sin, pride, and its remedy.

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“These little ones” Wherein I may rant

+JMJ+ How many times has it happened to you? You reply to someone. online or in person, stating the constant teaching of the Church on some point, and WHAM! People turn on you with a viciousness that is surprising for those who call themselves Christians. They pull a Bible verse out of their hats and beat you with it. But their interpretation is not the interpretation of 2,000 years of Christianity. It is, however, the interpretation of many who have turned their backs on the Church and her teachings and are content to make up their own “Christianity” as they go. 

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Low self-esteem, oh, really?

I once read a review on Amazon in which the reviewer wondered why a certain author suffered from such low self-esteem. I had never heard or read a take like that before about this particular author and it surprised me to see it. But I suppose it shouldn’t have. Humility is little valued by many people, and not only little valued, but not even recognized. And when they see the spiritual quality and virtue of humility they give it—having been too much influenced by worldly pseudo-psychology—the diagnosis of “low self-esteem.” 

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