A Brief Thanksgiving Interlude

Tonight, A Brief Thanksgiving Interlude on Catholic Heart and Mind. The Weekly Series on the Soul will return next week.

+JMJ+ I hope you’ve been having a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day. And if you’re in a part of the world where this holiday of thankfulness isn’t celebrated, I hope you’ve had a happy and blessed day, anyway. 

My day has been quiet. Resting my eyes, thinking, more sleeping than I wish I had done but I needed it. Fed Miss Lucy Dawg, Major Tom Cat, the Opossum family members who have begun to stop by daily for a snack on their way home from wherever they spend their time. It’s a good thing I stocked up on catfood. They seem to enjoy the flavors that he thinks are “meh.” (That’s what he said. Not “meow” but “meh.”) Of course, once I started filling their bowls with the food he didn’t like, he started eating it with relish. (Well, not with relish, I mean, just—Oh, never mind.)

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