EWTN Family Celebration, continued, Of Rafts, 3-Legged Stools, and Hope

Fr. Wade Menezes delivered a memorable catechetical instruction disguised as an entertaining talk on Saturday during EWTN’s Family Celebration. And the disguise succeeded. The crowd was certainly entertained and we came away from the concert hall with words of wisdom and light on walking the Catholic path. For all those who think that we have no part to play in our salvation, I’d like to share one of my favorite lines from his talk. Fr. Wade is fond of white water rafting and he quoted his rafting leader as saying: Continue reading “EWTN Family Celebration, continued, Of Rafts, 3-Legged Stools, and Hope”

EWTN Family Celebrations, continued, photos

As I explained, complained and whined in the last post, the lighting (or lack thereof) was such that my meager skills as an amateur photographer were more than overwhelmed and, therefore, the quality of the resulting photos leaves me somewhat underwhelmed. Which is a very wordy and long way of saying, in short, I be bad, as a photographer, anyway. But my camera makes me look like I know what I’m doing and I have such a natural talent for faking it that I am constantly mistaken for “The Media”. So I am often allowed to photograph things that otherwise I wouldn’t and sometimes I am not allowed to photograph things that ordinarily I would. Continue reading “EWTN Family Celebrations, continued, photos”

EWTN Family Celebration

What a day! I got to the concert hall at the BJCC just as Deacon Bill, Fr. Joseph and Fr. Mark were coming to the end of their talk and Q&A. A talk by Fr. Wade Menezes followed. Fr. Wade is with the Fathers of Mercy; you’ve probably seen him on EWTN TV or heard him on Catholic radio. I always enjoy hearing him. His theme this time was the event theme: Rejoice in Hope. After a break, Marcus Grodi (The Journey Home on EWTN TV and radio; Deep in Scripture on Catholic radio) Continue reading “EWTN Family Celebration”

I’m headed down to the EWTN Family Celebration

I’ve been checking messages and replying, and now I’m off to the EWTN Family Celebration here in downtown Birmingham. I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to attend one of these for years, but they were in far off places (and annoyingly, not when I was in far off places or not in the same far off places, argh) I want to wish everyone a wonderful Saturday. Keep praying, hold fast to the faith, and remember we have but one enemy and he is the enemy of us all.