The U.S. really is not the champion of the underdog any more, Hospital Rejects Baby Joseph

The U.S. really isn’t the champion of the underdog any more. I was hoping that a hospital here would take in ;Baby Joseph and his distraught parents and help them. All they want is a tracheotomy for him and to allow him to die at home with them. The hospital in Canada thinks he is going to die anyway. And what do they do?

“[T]he hospital’s saying the surgery is too risky so instead they’ll just remove life support and let him die. So…what happens if the tracheotomy fails? He might die. So to avoid the possibility of death the hospital is going to ensure death.”

Pray for Baby Joseph and his family!

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. And if you have any connections to anyone who can do something, please help them!

U.S. Hospital Rejects Baby Joseph, Family Not Giving Up Hope |