Abortion and fetal pain or the lack thereof

Abortion is wrong because it causes death, not because it causes pain.
I’ve been reading that some people oppose abortion because of what they call “fetal pain”. Other people oppose opposing abortion because they say the fetus does not feel pain. Excuse me, but I think both sides of this discussion are missing the point. Abortion is not wrong because it hurts the fetus. Abortion would not be right if it did not hurt the fetus. Abortion is the direct killing, the murder, of the fetus, whether or not said murder causes the fetus to feel pain. The whole notion of approving of an act which causes the death of a human being, while disapproving of causing pain or suffering to the same being, seems more than nutty to me. I can see being concerned not to cause unnecessary pain to animals who are being euthanized. Continue reading “Abortion and fetal pain or the lack thereof”

Stung and stewing over criticism, Stupak spews criticism, yada yada yada

Bart “I’m a Pro-life Democrat, No, Really, I Mean It, Stop Laughing At Me!” Stupak caved under pressure from the White House this weekend. And he’s none too happy about the criticism he’s been getting from pro-life groups around the country. He can’t be surprised that folks are upset. I think he’s just showing his true colors. Read about what Stupak said about his “deal” with Obama (read, pact with the devil): Continue reading “Stung and stewing over criticism, Stupak spews criticism, yada yada yada”

So it’s wrong if it hurts but not wrong if it doesn’t?

So, let me get this straight: some people think abortion is wrong because it…hurts…the fetus. And other people think abortion isn’t wrong because they think it…doesn’t…hurt…the fetus. :O

I’m sorry but that is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard! Well, two of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Ever! I’ve read this several times now on different blogs, websites, in pamphlets. I’ve heard people say this stuff. And women have actually stopped and wondered if maybe they shouldn’t abort. Because. After all. It might. Hurt. The baby. Continue reading “So it’s wrong if it hurts but not wrong if it doesn’t?”

Catholic health care and the poor, serving Christ or serving mammon

What follows are some thoughts and reflections on the current health care debate, specifically as it concerns Christian hospitals after reading Peter Singer, listening to Sr. Carol Keehan, DC, on The World Over, and others for many months. As Christians we are called to union with Christ. To pick up our crosses daily and follow in His footsteps. We are not called to succeed by any and all means. We are not called to do whatever it takes to get the job done. We are called to be faithful followers of our Lord. That’s what discipleship is all about. Too many Christians (I should say, “wanna be” Christians) forget that. They forget that Christ did not ask us to solve world poverty by any means. He did ask us to practice fraternal charity. He asked us to love our neighbors. He asked us to worship God so that we would receive the necessary grace to be able to follow Him so as to have communion with Him here, and to live with Him in eternal beatitude in the next life. Continue reading “Catholic health care and the poor, serving Christ or serving mammon”

Why did I drive nearly a thousand miles to march in the freezing rain

I didn’t have to drive nearly a thousand miles to get to Washington D.C. Nope, I could have driven about 750 miles to get here, but I made an unexpected (and unnecessary) detour when I took I-75 instead of I-40 outside of Knoxville. (Sigh.) But that was a minor problem and one solved by backtracking (and a little fuming and venting). The problem of the trampling of the right to life is not so easily solved. But without this basic and foundational right, no other right is possible or even exists. Without the right to life, you have no rights whatsoever. And if we deny that right to anyone now, we are putting nails in our own coffins in the not-so-distant future. Nails in coffins for ourselves and our children and our parents and our friends. Continue reading “Why did I drive nearly a thousand miles to march in the freezing rain”

Giving Doctors Financial Incentive to Push Euthanasia

I am in favor of health care reform. We need it. I agree. But I am not in favor of the ideas I’ve heard about in the plan currently being considered by the House. And to all those who have told me that my concerns about abortion and euthanasia are completely unfounded, I say: Oh, yeah? Read the articles I’ve linked to below. And then read some more on your own, something perhaps a little more objective than the press releases from the people pushing this plan. Continue reading “Giving Doctors Financial Incentive to Push Euthanasia”

The Land Formerly Known as the Home of the Brave and the Free

Lots of interesting conversations today with folks who mistakenly think that, because I am opposed to a bill that pushes abortion and euthanasia and other Obama-nations, that I am, therefore, opposed to health care reform of any kind. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I learned a long time ago that whenever someone tries to get something by me in a rush without me getting a good look at it, they’re usually up to no good.

Look into this bill. Think about it. Don’t let anyone from any party fool you. Listen. Read. Ask questions. And understand that we have to stand up for our rights and for the rights of those who cannot stand up for themselves. This is America. Let’s not let it become the Land That Was Formerly Known As the Home of the Brave and the Free.