Next post on the soul due sometime this weekend

If I ever get this email list stuff squared away, I can get back to writing the next post in the weekly series on the soul.

(Update, Jan 30, 2020: Change of the email service is on hold while I research some things. so the regular sign up form is back in the sidebar. Fascinating, huh?)

I’m in the middle of changing my email list service,* so the next post in the soul series will be out sometime this weekend instead of Thursday night, my usual target. (And I did say: target.) I have to physically go take care of things that I can’t take care of online. (What?! Why?! I can’t even!) I tried for hours to do online what I apparently can’t do, so I give up and will submit to having to venture out into the world instead. Also, you may notice that I’ve temporarily removed the email sign up form from the sidebar while I get things switched over. (This post may not even be sent out via email, you may only see it here on the blog.)

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Fancier shmancier and still not getting my writing done

Update, Aug 21 2009: (I added a screencap of my feedreader for anybody who wonders what the heck I’m talking about in this post.) Made some changes to the blog. I think the entries feed will show the full posts if you subscribe to the FeedBurner one and not the one that WordPress automatically generates. I think. Added a feed for comments in anticipation of thousands of responses. Okay, maybe not, but it seemed like a good idea, so I did it. And I added a link so you can get updates in your email because we just don’t get enough email these days, do we? Continue reading “Fancier shmancier and still not getting my writing done”