Weekly Series on the Soul, Part 40 – Body and Soul

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 40 of our weekly series on the soul. I’m preparing a post about Dr. John W. Cooper’s book that I’ve already mentioned in this series a few times, Body, Soul, and Life Everlasting: Biblical Anthropology and the Monism-Dualism Debate. It’s not a purely academic presentation of the subject but is written so that a layperson can read it and learn from it (thank goodness!). Basically, the premise is that there are those today who deny that humans are a union of body and soul, and some of those who deny it are Christians. In his book Cooper goes from the Old Testament through the New and shows that not only did the Old Testament Hebrew people and writers believe in the soul’s existence after bodily death, but that they came to believe in the resurrection, too, before the time of the New Testament. And he looks at contemporary studies and research, too. And what he finds is that the Biblical view of the body-soul union stands up to the supposed invalidating findings of the modern critics.

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Weekly Series on the Soul, Part 39 – Where did my soul go

Oh, where, oh, where did my little soul go?
Oh, where, oh, where can it be?
I don’t know how I lost my soul.
Seems someone stole it from me.

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 39 of our weekly series on the soul. I’ve mentioned before the books I’m reading (well, some of them, it’s a pretty long list) and tonight I found a video (see below) by one of the authors: John W. Cooper, author of Body, Soul, and Life Everlasting. He’s not Catholic, he’s Reformed, and Professor of Philosophical Theology, Calvin Theological Seminary. Now, I don’t usually read much about the Bible and/or theology that isn’t Catholic, but he doesn’t think the idea of the human soul is old-fashioned and ready to be consigned to the dung heap, unlike so many in the modern world, and I’m happy to use his book in our series. It’s inexpensive on Kindle and you can get a free sample if you like using the links at the end of this post. 

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