No evidence is evidence? Hey, Smithsonian, wanna buy some land?

The Smithsonian is targeting students who doubt Darwinism, according to a recent article at Evolution News. “The most amusing part of the exhibit proudly explains that evolution predicted we’d lack evidence for evolution; that’s how we know it’s true!” Continue reading “No evidence is evidence? Hey, Smithsonian, wanna buy some land?”

The Vatican does not accept Darwinian atheistic evolution

Updated, November 2, 2020: To clarify my point about “evolution” and the word “evolution” near the end of the post.

(Disclaimer: I am not the Church, I don’t speak for the Church nor do I play one on television.) Since it came up in a comment here on the blog and since someone told one of our candidates (actually, it was an entire family!) in the RCIA class that the Church teaches evolution (and they almost dropped out of class because of it), I thought I’d address this profoundly misinformed and often misunderstood notion in a separate blog post. First, let me state clearly that the Catholic Church does not teach any form of evolution whatsoever. The Church teaches religion, not science. That said, the Church does accept that science has much to teach us human beings about the world around us and she does encourage and always has encouraged the practice of science and scientific research. Yes, that’s what I said. Always. She also insists on the honest and ethical practice of science and honest acknowledgment of the limits of scientific knowledge and competence, and that is where some scientists take exception to her having any say at all. Too bad.

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