The Story of Salvation – Part 3

An interlude:

For God so loved the world that He created man to share His Love because God IS Love. And Love desires to give of itself, burns with the longing to Love another. So God made the universe to be a beautiful temple and made a sanctuary of a garden and created man to live in the garden to keep it and to have friendship with Him in it. And God Who is Love knew that man needed love, and that loving another of his own kind would give him joy and help him learn and grow to love the One Who is Love. So God made woman, and the man and the woman did love each other, and God saw that it was good. 

But an ancient evil crept into the garden. He did not want love, could not understand love, had turned away from love long before God created man. And seeing that God loved them, he held it against the man and the woman. And so he waited and plotted to catch the woman when she would be most unaware, because he was subtle and she was innocent and knew not of evil. But she would soon learn. 

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Our God is an Awe-some God, Francis Chan video

I’ve been fighting with technical problems today and working on my continuing review (of Letter to a Christian Nation. (I watched Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed and I heartily recommend it! Going to watch it again tonight and make notes.) While replying to a post on a Catholic Answers forum, I checked my favorite Catholic audio blog, Sonitus Sanctus, to get a link, and that’s where I found a link to a free audiobook at another Christian audio site, and that’s where I saw a video by Francis Chan called, The Awe Factor of God. Whew! Continue reading “Our God is an Awe-some God, Francis Chan video”

Intelligent discussions on evolution and intelligent design

Maybe it’s happened to you. Conversations with friends or acquaintances veer somehow onto the topics of creation, evolution, intelligent design, faith and various other equally innocuous notions guaranteed to heat the blood and bring tempers to the boiling point in short order. Perhaps someone you know has thrust a book by Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris in your face, telling you to “read this and get yourself free of those antiquated notions” of God and faith (and, of course, that madman Jesus), Continue reading “Intelligent discussions on evolution and intelligent design”

The beauty of towering storm clouds

It was a hot, humid, stormy day as I got out of my car. I’d just arrived at my favorite coffee shop when I looked up at the sky, as I often do, so I grabbed my camera off the backseat to get the shot you see below. I take my camera with me wherever I go these days.

Towering storm clouds
Towering storm clouds
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