The Story of Salvation – Part 8

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 8 of the continuing series, the Story of Salvation. This week we’ll look at the story of Abram and his great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Shem. We won’t get all the way through with their story this week, but we’ll get as far as we can. Notes and links will be at the end of the post.

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The Story of Salvation – Part 7

+JMJ+ Welcome to The Story of Salvation, Part 7. We’re going to look at patterns in this episode, the way the patterns repeat through the Bible and in Noah’s story. (I think this series is going to take more than ten posts, but we’ll see.) You’ll find notes and links below at the end of this post.

According to Scott Hahn, in Our Father’s Plan, there are four basic themes in the Bible:

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The Story of Salvation – Part 3

An interlude:

For God so loved the world that He created man to share His Love because God IS Love. And Love desires to give of itself, burns with the longing to Love another. So God made the universe to be a beautiful temple and made a sanctuary of a garden and created man to live in the garden to keep it and to have friendship with Him in it. And God Who is Love knew that man needed love, and that loving another of his own kind would give him joy and help him learn and grow to love the One Who is Love. So God made woman, and the man and the woman did love each other, and God saw that it was good. 

But an ancient evil crept into the garden. He did not want love, could not understand love, had turned away from love long before God created man. And seeing that God loved them, he held it against the man and the woman. And so he waited and plotted to catch the woman when she would be most unaware, because he was subtle and she was innocent and knew not of evil. But she would soon learn. 

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Octave of Christian Unity – Covenant and Priesthood

+JMJ+ Welcome to Day 6 in our Octave of Christian Unity series of posts. Keywords today are: People of God, laity and priests, and covenant. Another good way of thinking of our relationship to the Lord, and, from what I remember of listening to and reading Scott Hahn, a better translation of the phrase used in Scripture, would be “Family of God.” As always, any notes and links will be at the end of the post.

“Christians are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a people set apart for Jesus Christ.”

ICWG, vol. 6, p. 51
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The Story of Salvation – Part 2

+JMJ+ Welcome to the second post in our new Thursday series, The Story of Salvation. I’d like to begin with a prayer. I’ll pray the Come, Holy Spirit prayer. Pray with me if you like, use the same prayer or one of your choice. When you’re ready, meet me back here.

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New series exploring salvation history

+JMJ+ Welcome to the introduction of a new Thursday series where we will explore the Story of Salvation. I’ve been wanting to write about the Bible and salvation history for some time now but have only mentioned it here and there in the past. When I was a kid (either in the 7th or 8th grade or maybe a freshman in high school) and a Methodist, I read the Bible straight through. I’d gotten one at church and, bookworm that I was (and am), I set myself the goal of reading it from cover to cover. And I did. I didn’t understand most of what I read, but I kept at it. Parts of it were beautiful and I’ve maintained my love of the Psalms to this day. 

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