The Mass, Salvation and the Sacraments, Baptism, Part 2

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This is part of a continuing series of posts on the Mass, salvation and the sacraments. Acknowledgments may be found at the end of this post.

Why do we get baptized or baptize our children? Why do we even need to go to church? I often hear people ask these questions of various believers, some of them teachers of the faith. Rarely do I hear them receive a good answer. Even more rarely do I hear them receive a true answer. I’ve heard people say that we go to church because we need the fellowship of other believers in order to stay faithful on our walk with the Lord. I’ve heard people say that we get baptized to show the Lord that we’re serious and ready to commit our lives to Him. I’ve heard that we Catholics baptize children because of some silly notion that baptism actually does something when anybody can see that it is merely symbolic of a decision made by a person who can reason about such things; so obviously a mere child isn’t capable of benefiting from it, much less, a baby.

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Things I thought I knew

I may have mentioned that I’m sponsoring a friend in the RCIA program*. So I’ve been brushing up on my knowledge of all things Catholic and I learned a few things this past week. After studying Catholicism for fifteen years and being Catholic for thirteen years, I learned that my friend can not go through the Communion line to receive a blessing. (I’ve seen this done since I started going to Mass back in the mid-90’s.) And I learned that for her to use Holy Water would be a bit more useful if she were baptized already. (Which she isn’t.) Continue reading “Things I thought I knew”