Praying for Peace, Facing Hatred and Death: A New Old Year for Christians Around the World

Copts in Northwest Cairo among the many Christian communities facing escalating persecution around the worldThe New Year comes in the way the old year went out: Bombings and burnings of churches around the world, the persecution and massacre of innocent people. The mainstream media is strangely silent when it comes to reporting violence against Christians, especially when that violence is perpetrated by the Chinese, who own them and everything else in this country, or Muslims, for whom our left-leaning media have such adulation and sympathy. So in case you haven’t heard, while we here in the states are witnessing legal battles and name-calling, others around the world are witnessing to the faith with their blood poured out on the streets. Lord, have mercy, Christ, have mercy. For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. (Videos of testimony below.)

Video #1: Testimony by Ms. Cynthia Farahat: Egyptian Muslims Beat and Massacre Christian Copts

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Chinese officials arrest human rights lawyer and beat his wife

Forced abortions and sterilization continue to be part of China’s “family planning policy”. Hmmm, where have I heard that phrase before? Oh, I remember: Margaret Sanger and her oh-so innocently named “Planned Parenthood”. Doesn’t that sound nice, planned parenthood? Planned, huh? Whose plan is it? Margaret Sanger could not have cared less about the plans of the people she duped, and China has been doing ol’ Maggie proud for many years now. Below is an excerpt from the story of the human rights lawyer arrested after Obama exited the scene. The lawyer “had requested a meeting with President Obama…but was turned down.” What a surprise. Continue reading “Chinese officials arrest human rights lawyer and beat his wife”