Ironic statement of the day by Cecile Richards

In an attempt to praise the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s strong pro-abortion stance (a stance that he did not take in his earlier years), Cecile Richards uttered the most ironic statement I’ve heard lately.

“Ted Kennedy is survived by a legacy of providing a voice to those Americans who otherwise would not have been heard,” [Planned Parenthood’s] president Cecile Richards said.

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The Catholic Bishops views on healthcare

We’ve all heard people around us who claim to be Catholic and yet express views that are absolutely at odds with the teachings of Christ and His Church. If this confuses you, you’re not alone. But the true Catholic view can be known. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website contains a section devoted specifically to the issue of healthcare and healthcare reform. The full statement of the position of the bishops is available for all to read* and print out if they like (less than 5 pages in my print preview). Continue reading “The Catholic Bishops views on healthcare”