Weekly Series on the Soul, Part 34 – YOGO – You only get one

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 34 of our weekly series on the soul. The Unseen World by Cardinal Lépicier is our text and we’re on Chapter 2, Section I, the State of the Soul Separated from the Body. Before we get started on that I want to share with you some things I found for our series in the future. (Notes and links will be at the end of this post.)

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Weekly Series on the Soul, Part 30 – Worlds Unseen

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 30 of our weekly series on the soul. I think I’ve found the next text for our series. I stumbled across a book this week while searching for Catholic books on the soul. As I was reading it I began to think I’d read it before but I was reasonably certain I had not. Then I realized that the author’s name was familiar. I wondered if he quoted Dom Wiesinger at some point since the text seemed so familiar. But a search returned no results. Then I looked at the index in Wiesinger and there it was: Lépicier, five times. Lépicier is A. H. M. Cardinal Lépicier and he published The Unseen World: An Exposition Of Catholic Theology in its Relation to Modern Spiritism in 1906, Wiesinger, in 1957. So I was partly correct, it was familiar, I just had it backward as to who quoted who. I didn’t expect to find any of the ones Wiesinger quotes so this is a happy find, for me, anyway, bookworm that I am. Notes and links will be at the end of this post.

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New stuff for me and my little blog too

I’m trying something new this year. First, I’m trying out a theology course. The other day I attended a Catholic Theology webinar hosted by Dr. Taylor Marshall. At the end of it, he offered attendees a special rate on the first month of tuition at his New Saint Thomas Institute. I got it but I’m still kicking myself for not getting in as a charter member in the beginning. Oh, well, hindsight and all that. I spent a while tonight deciding on a way to keep up with coursework. Here’s a screenshot (below) of the arrangement I finally settled on.


I started out using DEVONthink for this but I’m liking Scrivener better. For now. What I want is to find a way that works and then not have to mess with it. I just want to use it. When I’m through with the course, I can compile the different files into an ebook for my iPad or print it out. I’ve never tried to do either of those things with Scrivener, so that’ll be a whole other adventure.

Second, I’m working on getting organized with my writing, especially writing for the blog. I found a template for Scrivener (my preferred app for all kinds of writing) that has really helped me organize my thinking and planning. The editorial calendar is especially helpful, though I customized it by adding liturgical seasons and feasts to it. Here’s a screenshot of how the blog plan looks so far.


The more I work on the blog plan, the more ideas I get and the more excited I get about writing again. It’s been a while since I’ve focused (or been able to focus) on much at all. Please keep me in your prayers. I need all the help I can get, for the writing projects, for the theology course, and for my health to allow me to do anything. You’ll be in my prayers, too. (I pray for all visitors to the blog and everyone I interact with online and in face-to-face life when I make the Daily Offering and when I pray the Rosary.)

Thank you for reading and for your prayers. Peace be with you. God bless you!