Updating the Resource Pages

I’m in the midst of editing and updating some of the pages around here (about time!). Made some additions tonight including some new resources on the Life Issues page, more  about the HHS Mandate (including the false claim made by the Vice President during the VP debate and the USCCB’s quick response to it– breathtakingly fast!). Made a couple of changes on the Year of Faith and the Vote pages. Comments are welcome and thank you for reading. God bless you and peace be with you.

Article praises bishops with spines, including Bishop RJ Baker

Bishop RJ BakerI was looking for information about a prayer book I saw today down at the 40 Days for Life vigil site in front of Planned Parenthood when I stumbled across this on the Catholic Answers website. It’s a section of Karl Keating’s E-Letter from a few years ago. Keating was writing about a series that someone else was writing about some Catholic bishops who are known for standing up and speaking out. “Bishops with spines.” Continue reading “Article praises bishops with spines, including Bishop RJ Baker”

American Life League’s Judie Brown is my hero

Saving Those Damned Catholics, by Judie Brown(The following post refers to something I wrote back in October.) I’ve been listening to Judie Brown and others from the American Life League and reading Mrs. Brown’s book, Saving Those Damned Catholics (on sale right now at ALL’s store, see link), and I gotta tell you, I thought the bishops were doing a better job than she thinks they were. And she’s in a position to know a whole lot more about it than I am. Her book is an eye-opener, as was her interview with Raymond Arroyo along with Sr. Carol Keehan on EWTN‘s The World Over. She sure gave Sr. an earful that night, I’ll give her that! Continue reading “American Life League’s Judie Brown is my hero”

Pray for the USCCB, they need all the help they can get

A friend just sent me an email with the link to a video about a scandal involving the USCCB. (Watch the video below.) Turns out the US Catholic Bishops Conference is a member of an anti-Catholic group, CivilRights.org. I’m downloading the video now. I watched the first part of it. I’m sure that the Vatican has seen it too. I’ll bet the Pope would love to sit down with the Bishops in the U.S. and ask ’em, What the *&@#% is wrong with you people, huh? Continue reading “Pray for the USCCB, they need all the help they can get”

Abortion mill deathscort is Dominican nun!

People have told me that it is possible to be Catholic and pro-choice. People have told me, with straight faces, that the Church has not ruled on this yet. People have told me that the Gospel of Life is just an encyclical, from the Pope, true, but still just an encyclical. But I think maybe this situation takes the cake: a Dominican nun has been acting—volunteering, no less!—as a death-scort for an abortion clinic for six years.* Six years! She’s been outspoken in her opposition to key Catholic teachings and now I hope the bishops are going to do something that’s been needing to be done for a long time: take strong steps to denounce and punish such shameless and public defiance. Continue reading “Abortion mill deathscort is Dominican nun!”