Anotha cuppa and a few words about Catholic Art

+JMJ+ Oh, my, how do I love thee, Elizabeth Lev? Let me count the ways. I love reading your essays, I love reading your books. I love watching your interviews. But most of all, I love watching how you light up when you have free range to talk and share stories about Italy, especially Rome, and about art and about artists, especially about Catholic art and Catholic artists, and how you light up—and light up a room—especially when you talk about Michelangelo, Catholic artist par excellence.

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I’m still learning about St. Joseph

+JMJ+ I’ve been exploring and studying the faith for many years, since those early days in 1994 until now, 28 years later. (I’ve been Catholic for 26 years but began exploring the Church a couple of years before I was received.) And still I learn something new all the time. Yesterday I discovered a devotion I’d never heard of before. 

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