Stand Up For Religious Freedom, Birmingham, Photos and Thoughts, Part 1

[Note: This page has several photos on it, so I’m not posting the whole thing on the front page of the blog. See the post page for all the photos. Thanks!] I’ve been sitting in a cafe downloading and editing photos from the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally in Birmingham, AL, that took place from noon until around 1 p.m. today.

CEC For Life Director, Fr. Terry Gensemer
CEC For Life Director, Fr. Terry Gensemer

Didn’t realize that today is Fr. Coyle’s birthday. Who’s Fr. Coyle? He was a Catholic priest at St. Paul’s in downtown Birmingham, back before St. Paul’s was made the cathedral. He worked very hard to bring people together, used to pray the Divine Office on the steps outside the St. Paul’s so he could be close to those passing by. He was threatened many times for the audacity of true hope, for taking Christ’s prayer that we all be one seriously and doing something about it.

Hey, check it out! News cameras! Local news coverage! Maybe...
Hey, check it out! News cameras! Local news coverage! Maybe...

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Rally for Religious Freedom, Then Go See October Baby

In a few hours I’ll be heading to Mass (I better get to sleep quick!), then I’m off to the rally to Stand Up For Religious Freedom. After that I’m going to go see October Baby, which was filmed right here in good old Birmingham, Alabama. The trailers look great and what I saw on EWTN’s Life on the Rock last week convinced me that I have to see this film.

October Baby, filmed here in Birmingham AL, the trailers look GREAT

What a wonderful day it should be. Got my cameras all cleaned up, batteries charged, smart cards formatted and ready to go. May have to make a stop somewhere on the way to the rally to pick up a raincoat, judging from the forecast and the rain we got on Thursday. My full report on the day’s events will be forthcoming some time this weekend. See ya then! And please don’t forget to stand up for religious freedom in a town near you!

March for Life in Birmingham on January 15

On January 15th we’ll be marching for life again. This will be my third march in Birmingham. I went to the one in Washington, D.C., last year and loved it. I don’t think I can swing such a big trip this time, maybe next year. Gonna do the one in B’ham, though. The march begins with Mass at the Cathedral of Saint Paul downtown at 9 a.m. Then we’ll gather at Brother Bryan Park on Southside at 10:45 a.m. for more prayer, singing, and to listen to a few speakers before the march proper begins.


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Clump of cells or human being, lump of tissue or human person

Protect the Sancity of Human LifeI was visiting Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center the other day when I saw this model of a tiny baby, representing the child’s size at the age of 12 weeks. I picked it up with the sign showing the age it represented and took a photo of the model and the sign in the palm of my hand. I was profoundly moved by that moment. And that was when the idea for my new project was born. I’m in the planning stages right now but here’s what I’m hoping to do: to record images, audio and video of the pro-life community here in Birmingham. I’ll post updates here. Suggestions are welcome. :)

Planned Parenthood in Birmingham on probation

Planned Parenthood on Southside in Birmingham AL is on probation. As a result of a LiveAction undercover sting operation a while back, Alabama health officials began an investigation and has now put them on probation. Planned Parenthood has a week to get it together. And our 40 Days for Life Vigil begins next week too, the same day as Ash Wednesday. Woohoo! Please, Lord, shut them down! Read more at Jill Stanek’s site.

Scott Hahn is coming to Birmingham!

Covenant and Communion: The Biblical Theology of Pope Benedict XVI, by Scott HahnAs if getting to participate in the March for Life in Washington DC wasn’t exciting enough, one of my friends called me on Sunday to let me know that Scott Hahn is coming to Birmingham on March 3 at Samford University. (Samford is a Baptist university! How’s that for coolness?). And she already signed me up. She knows what a Hahn fan I am. Reading his books and listening to his talks helped me answer the call to come home to the Catholic Church. When my friend expressed interest in the Church, I recommended Hahn titles to her, gave her some talks to listen to, and the rest was history. She was received this past September. Woohoo! Welcome home, buddy; you know who you are! And thank you for being proactive and getting me registered for the big day! =)